It’s 5:00 a.m. and my son and I are out the door before the sun rises for our commute down 79, 279 and 51. This long drive is happenstance from our recent move from the South Hills to the North Hills. It’s early, traffic is minimal and I’m enjoying the TedxTalks on my playlist; I actually kind of enjoy the drive (minus 51, of course). Right before traveling through the tunnel to get on 51, we drive past the city. It might just be the small town girl in me mesmerized by the big city lights, but I love the Pittsburgh skyline – especially lit up.

I exclaim to my son in the backseat (if he’s awake), “LOOK! It’s downtown Pittsburgh!”

“It looks awesome,” he mumbles sincerely with a smile in a half asleep stupor.

It’s my favorite moment in the drive; the beautiful short stretch of drive taking us past Wholey’s Fish, the flashing Heinz ketchup bottle and glowing slopes of the David Lawrence Convention center.

Before we enter the tunnels, I glance up at Mt. Washington where we took a trip up to the overlook followed by soft serve at DiFiore’s Ice Cream.

I think to myself, I love raising my family in Pittsburgh.

I love being about to expose my son to so much culture and history. We’ve ventured throughout Pittsburgh, visited museums and playgrounds, seen views from all over the city and attended festivals and events; especially the Three Rivers Arts Festival and I Made It! Market that bring so many talented artists together. I love this city that celebrates the wonderful, talented people in it.

In our three moves, I’ve never worried about the safety of the neighborhoods or the quality of the school districts. We will be sending our son to Kindergarten this September and I have confidence they will prepare him for life’s challenges with a well-rounded curriculum and cutting edge teaching techniques.

I’m grateful that we were so close to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and UPMC when we needed medical attention for our son. The nurses and Doctors made us feel like we were in good hands – from scans to stitches, I knew he was taken care of.

We’re are continually inspired by the people in our community – the creative spirits and the supportive peers. Most recently, I’ve met some really amazing people through blogging, including a handful of pretty amazing mom bloggers.

Thank you to Pittsburgh, to all the people that have touched our lives while we’ve lived here and the readers who support us on our mission to spread the word – I love raising my family in Pittsburgh and I’m glad you do, too.