Fred Rogers was born in Latrobe, PA March 20th, 1928. He attended Latrobe High School and eventually eventually earned a B.A. in Music Composition from Rollins College (FL). Fred McFeely, his grandfather helped introduce him to a love of music (see what he did there?!).

Fred Rogers married in 1952 and later had two sons. In 1963, Rogers graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church.

In 1968, WQED helped Fred Rogers develop his own show. He was dedicated to providing quality entertainment and heartfelt messages delivered through his programming. His show ran from 1968-2001.

You can watch hundreds of episodes from Mister Rogers Neighborhood for FREE here.

Pittsburgh Celebrates Mr. Rogers

  • Thursday, March 20th : FREE admission to Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh all day (10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Enjoy a visit from everyone’s favorite speedy delivery man, Mr. McFeely at 11:00 am. Don’t forget to explore classic Neighborhood pieces such as King Friday’s Castle and X the Owl’s Tree.
  • Saturday, March 22nd : Be My Neighbor Day at four participating YMCA locations. Meet Daniel Tiger and learn how we can all be good neighbors! Also, bring new and gently used sweaters to be collected for a sweater drive. #bemyneighborday
  • 24/7 365 : Take your picture with good ol’ Mr. Rogers. As part of a tribute in 2009, a bronze sculpture of Fred Rogers in the North Shore sits smiling at Pittsburgh. It weighs approximately 4 tons and stands about 10 feet tall.

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Did You Know…?

  1. All of Fred Rogers’ original sweaters were knitted by his mother. Each year she knitted a dozen sweaters, and at Christmas, she gave one to family and close friends.
  2. Mr. Rogers was a vegetarian.  He didn’t smoke or drink or seem to have any major vices.  He also stayed married to the same woman until his death; their marriage lasted 47 years.  About the only even slightly “scandalous” thing Mr. Rogers seemed to do, which he revealed in an interview, was that he swam laps completely in the buff nearly every morning of his adult life at various clubs that allowed nude swimming at certain times of the day.
  3. Mr. Rogers did the voices on the show for: King Friday XIII, Queen Sara Saturday, Henrietta Pussycat, Daniel Striped Tiger, Lady Elaine Fairchild and Larry Horse, among others.  He also composed most of the music on the show.
  4. Mr. Rogers was red/green colorblind
  5. Unlike on most children’s shows, Mr. Rogers played himself not just in name, but also in personality and mannerisms, changing nothing about how he acted off camera to how he acted on camera.  His reasons for this were that: “One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self. I also believe that kids can spot a phony a mile away.”