Below are our responses to commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer your question please feel free to leave us a message via the Contact Us page.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my Business’s Listing?

Subscriptions can be quickly changed by visiting the My Account page. Once there, simply click the Change Subscription button to upgrade or downgrade your listing package. Should you have any additional questions, please contact us via email at [email protected].

What are the advantages of claiming a listing?

By claiming a listing on Play Pittsburgh, you control the business information that is visible on your page. Depending on the package you select, you can link directly to your business’s website, write an informative description, add videos and photos, social media profiles, coupons and more. Please visit the Package Details page to find out more.

How long does it take to approve an order?

A notification is sent to our team as soon as your order is placed. We work hard to ensure that all submissions are reviewed for accuracy and are usually approved within 1 business day.

What is a cover photo?

A cover photo is a large image that is displayed at the top of a listing when the Deluxe Package is purchased for a listing. For details on what goes in each listing, go here.

What Social Profiles can I display?

We support Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can also add a video from YouTube or Vimeo if you’d like!

Someone has added an image that I do not want to appear on my listing.

If you have the “Premium Package” you can control what images display on your listing. If the image is inappropriate, please Contact Us and a member of our team will address the issue.

Someone has posted a negative review that I do not want to appear on my listing.

We do our best to monitor every review posted. If you believe that the review is slanderous or uses language that would not be appropriate for our family audience please let us know by visiting the Contact Us page. You can also respond right on your listing’s page.

What are your terms and conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions can be found on this page.

How do I get an avatar to show up for my user profile.

We use Gravatar for our avatars. You can create yours by visiting

I want my listing to appear in 2 categories.

We currently only allow listings to appear in a single category.

My question isn’t answered here.

Please use the Contact Us page to submit your question. We’re always happy to hear from you!