Another first experience! Although we’ve been in and around the area, this was the first time we had visited Anderson Playground. When we pulled up to the park, a smile immediately swept across my face. It looked fo playful, fun and inviting.

Real Mom Review: Anderson Playground (Dinosaur Playground)

In the Pittsburgh Playground series, I’ve been traveling around the city to visit the city’s most notable playground to provide an unbiased review. Here are some of the things I was looking for:

  • How was the quality, diversity, and accessibility of the playgrounds equipment?
  • Is the area free of hazards (i.e. free of defects, equipment in good repair, no traffic hazards, etc.)?
  • Did the playground encourage play and curiosity through a variety of spaces, age appropriate materials flexible equipment?



The playground was much larger than I had thought it was going to be. There were a variety of spaces offering diverse experiences.

We started on the large dinosaur playground. Visitors can start on either side and climb from front to back or exit through slides (which also legs of the dinosaur). There are whimsical painted dinosaur footprints on the walkways encouraging movement through the playspace. Toddlers will appreciate the baby dinosaur nearby with shorter features but similar fun.

Next, we ventured to the castle playground; complete with a drawbridge and plenty of places to climb. There were lookout towers, slides and hideouts. Perfect for a game of knights, dragons and princesses.

Other notable play areas include an additional playground with tons of climbing features, a merry-go-round and a separate areas with spinning features.

I love that a lot of the playground had the rubber ground and there was a lot of shade. There was plenty of large grassy areas for organized games and small semi-private areas at a child’s scale within the playgrounds such as tunnels, playhouses, hiding places (great for imaginative play).

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There are some things I wish I would have seen. For example. a sand or water play area. Also, a little more fencing would have been nice for parents with younger children. While there is a large wooden fence on one side, the majority of the space is open to the street.
As far as equipment goes, everything was in decent condition. My only complaint? A few places the rubber ground were cracking and coming up causing tripping hazards.
There’s one thing I could have done without…. the wooden planks around the shrubbery- they kind of scream “PLAY ON ME.” The ones in the shady area were a little mossy and very slippery from rain. I deemed them off limits to my little guy.

Final Thoughts

I really see why so many people love this playground and why it came so highly recommended. We’ve visited Phipps SO many times and had no idea this amazing playground was so close! My son was asking to go back the next day, but it’s a bit of a drive for us. Nonetheless, certainly worth it! It’s in Schenley Park and close to tons of walking trails, the skating rink, pool and more. Give yourself plenty of time to explore!

Anderson Playground | Located just off the Boulevard of the Allies & Panther Hollow Rd.

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