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As the Coronavirus progresses we have decided to take our part in flattening the curve. We will be taking a break from visiting parks/playgrounds/attractions. We will be back posting new playgrounds when it is deemed safe. Until then, we will be helping families balance safety and sanity by posting fun at home activities for kids. 

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at home activities for kids
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100+ At Home Activities for Kids

Independent Activities 

    • Listen to an audio book
    • Make toy parachutes
    • Explore the world with Google Earth or Google Maps
    • Play-Doh
    • Paint
    • Make your own comic book
    • Write letters to friends
    • Make paper airplanes
    • Puzzles
    • Play with balloons
    • Stack cups
    • Design cards for friends
    • Make a necklace out of pasta
    • Create something from a large box
    • Mix shaving cream and food coloring
    • Make a baking soda and vinegar volcano
    • Set up dominos
    • Write in a journal
    • Follow a Bob Ross tutorial
    • Sew your own bean bags
    • Bottle flip
    • Read a book
    • Look through old pictures
    • Sudoku
    • Build hot wheels track
    • Draw a map of your house

Active Indoor Play 

    • Masking tape obstacle course
    • Hula hooping contest
    • Yoga
    • DIY mini golf
    • Play balloon volleyball
    • Indoor hopscotch with masking tape

Outside Activities

Family Time Activities

    • Cook dinner together
    • Movie night
    • Game night
    • FaceTime friends or family
    • Make puppets and put on a puppet show
    • Dance party
    • Camp inside
    • Build a blanket fort
    • Have a tea party
    • Make and decorate cookies
    • Print pictures and put together a family album
    • Have a picnic in the house
    • Indoor activity stations (jumping jacks, crawling through tape, balancing activities) set a timer and go through each station
    • Put on a magic show
    • Make shadow puppets
    • Ice Cream sundae station
    • Celebrate oddball holidays
    • Start a gratitude jar
    • Create a family playlist to listen to during dinner
    • Have a “formal” dinner, get dressed up, set the table, have a menu, place cards, etc
    • Make a time capsule
    • Make your own pizza night
    • Watch old family videos
    • Wash the car
    • Tie dye shirts
    • Make a stop motion video
    • Have a pretend birthday party for a beloved stuffed animal

Family Games